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We Pay Affiliates Networks is a global provider of full-service online marketing solutions specializing in Affiliate Marketing and Customer Acquisition.

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250 0
Neteller 250 0
Skrill 250 0
Bank wire 250 0

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  • Casino, Mobiel, Sports, Bitcoin, Binary

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Revenue Share 15% 20% 25%


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Affiliate Payment Options

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1. What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is a marketer (online or offline) who promotes products and gets paid based on performance. By joining an affiliate program or network, one gains access to all the marketing tools necessary to promote the product and tracking tools to trail the performance. The nature of the affiliate relationship is win-win, as both partners participate on principles of reciprocity.

2. What are the benefits of joining the WPA platform?

We Pay Affiliates specializes in being the only financial investing and trading affiliate program that focuses solely on leading brands. Our affiliate managers are not only marketing specialists, they're financial traffic specialists. We offer guaranteed on-time payments, easy-to-access reporting with real-time stats, 24/7 support and the best performing marketing tools in the industry.

3. Can I open a WPA account without having a website?

Sure! Although most of our affiliates promote our brands through online channels, we are open to all vehicles of advertising. For example, some marketers only focus on email campaigns without a website while others concentrate on offline marketing. When registering, simply let us know which channels you intend to use so we can adequately understand the type of tools and support to offer you. Our fully trained Affiliate Managers will work with you to develop any idea you might have.

4. If I have more than one website, should I open up separate accounts for each?

No. There is no need to open more than one We Pay Affiliates account. Regardless of how many campaigns you have, you will be able to track each channel's performance individually, all under one account.

5.What are sub-affiliates?

Every time you bring another affiliate marketer to join us through your own advertising links, you'll be able to earn a percentage of their profits. Bring in your friends through the tracking links provided to you in the marketing tools section, and their performance will automatically be tracked to your account. They profit, you profit. You can build a pyramid of friends, family and business associates all helping you earn higher returns while they also earn high profits.


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